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Merrick Jamison-Smythe
Buffy's first Watcher found her much later in her life than most Slayers are found. Making Season 1 Giles look positively laid-back by comparison, he took his duty to prepare Buffy very seriously, going so far as to throw a knife at her head, just to convince her of her own skills.

She was infuriating and reluctant, and her unorthodox approach frustrated Merrick to no end. It also endeared her to him, despite his efforts to keep an emotional distance, and convinced him that this Slayer was something special. Watchers are never supposed to interfere, but when the vampire Lothos attacked, Merrick protected Buffy at the cost of his own life. As he died, he told Buffy that she did everything wrong, and she apologized through her tears. But that wasn't what he meant. "Do it wrong," he told her. "Don't play our game."