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Welcome to Undead Hootenanny, the Freeze Frame site for BtVS ep 3.02, Dead Man's Party! The purpose of this site is to provide quality screencaps from BtVS for use in site layouts and fanart. Undead Hootenanny currently hosts 328 captures from 'Dead Man's Party', sized 600x450.

The Rules

1. You're welcome to use these screencaps in layouts and fanart without asking - that's why they're here!

2. If you use these screencaps, please link back to Freeze Frame. A link here would also be greatly appreciated.

3. You may not claim these screencaps as your own or add them to another website's gallery, and direct-linking to them has been disabled.

Sound fair enough? Then please enjoy!


All characters, elements, and images from BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, FOX, Kuzui, and other related entities. Absolutely no infringement is intended, nor is any financial profit made, by this site or the Freeze Frame network. Layout graphic uses a texture by Thia and the fonts Niagra Engraved and Will & Grace

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