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...a website that aims to gather as many people as possible who are fans of a particular subject. There are fanlistings for movies, characters, actors, foods, even fanlistings for other websites! This fun and addictive idea is the brainchild of the lovely Janine, and you can find out more about it here.

Band Candy is...

...episode 3.06 of BtVS. Mayor Wilkins needs to pay tribute to a demon, and Mr. Trick brings in Ethan Rayne to help. To create a city-wide diversion, they arrange for the students of Sunnydale High sell boxes of "cocorific" Milkbar chocolate bars, ostensibly to raise money for new band uniforms. The band candy sells like hotcakes ("Which is ironic because the hotcakes really aren't moving."), and soon the entire adult population of Sunnydale has regressed to their uninhibited, teenaged selves.

Buffy and Giles play blindfolded dodgeball, and Buffy invites Angel to smell her. Ripper and Joyce head out for a night on the town, during which they rob a store and have sex on the hood of a police car (twice!). Snyder is "stoked" and tags along with the Scoobies, showing off his Tae Kwon Do skills. Buffy drives like a spaz, dents the Geek Machine, and does not want to know why Joyce has a pair of handcuffs. Ripper jams to "Tales of Brave Ulysses" and wants to get a band together. Xander and Willow play illicit footsie under the table, and the school lockers proudly proclaim that "KISS Rocks". Ethan hides in a storage crate, and Giles cheers when Buffy finally hits him. Oh, and Buffy barbeques a demon and takes the SATs. Good times (^_-)

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