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Watcher Girls
Watcher Girls is a discussion and fanfic list for anyone over 17 years who likes, admires, or lusts after Rupert Giles and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and their real life counterparts, Anthony Stewart Head and Alexis Denisof. Fanfiction about either of our favourite Watchers is highly encouraged and coveted as is all discussion and news about our favourite guys.

The update/mailing list for the Anthony Head website Realm of the Tweedy Book Guy. Discussions are welcome about any characters, etc, that ASH has portrayed... Fanfic is welcome but please note that NC-17 rated fic is sometimes posted to this group.... have fun!

GRB is devoted to Rupert "Ripper" Giles and the fabulously talented actor, Anthony Stewart Head, who portrays him. Post opinions, post fic, have fun. All ratings and all Giles ships, het and slash, as well as genfic featuring Giles are heartily encouraged. Thoughts, opinions, and fic based on characters other than Giles who have been protrayed by the fabulous Anthony Stewart Head are also more than welcome.

Anthony Stewart Head fans, welcome to GilesNaughty! We are the proud, the sleep deprived, the Naughty! A list for Night Owl fans of Anthony Stewart Head and the shows he has been in. Tony has portrayed Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Oliver Sampson in VR5, Adam Klaus in Jonathan Creek, James in Manchild... just to name a few! ASH discussion and fic is the prime focus.

List for those aged 17 or over, and dedicated to the relationship and the love between The Watcher and his Slayer: Giles and Buffy. The intention of this list is to make a haven where the discussion and stories will always be about our favourite couple.

The BG Zone
This is the offical list for the BTVS Writers Guild Buffy/Giles zone. Join, share fanfic, fanart and why you love these two together. Get together with other B/G authors or meet others who just love to read it.

The B/G Writer's Muse
Got a B/G challenge to share? Maybe you've barely survived a vicious attack from a plot or scene bunny you just don't have time for. If so, let us know and we'll share your burden... naturally we'll want to see the finished article, of course! Issue any and all B/G challenges, any rating, any genre.

(all synopses quoted or adapted from the groups' Yahoo pages)

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