The Fanlistings
A fanlisting is a site that gathers and lists the fans of a particular subject. There are fanlistings for actors, foods, movies, toys, even fanlistings for other websites! This fun and addictive idea is the brainchild of the lovely Janine, and you can find out more about it here.

Buffy/Giles Het Fiction
This fanlisting is for B/G het fanfiction. Not sure what that is? Well, there are several fanfiction categories. Adult is unsuitable for younger readers due to its sexual or violent content, and slash fic depicts a same-sex romantic or sexual relationship, usually one that isn't canon. Gen - as in general - isn't focused on any romantic pairings. Het fic, then, depicts a heterosexual relationship as a major element of the story, and it can be any rating, from G to NC-17. These categories often overlap - adult het being my personal favourite - but basically, if you enjoy fics that feature Buffy/Giles as a couple? You're in the right place!