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Liz. 30-something. Happily married. Pisces. Romantic cynic. Addicted to TV and comics. Shoujo anime and Japanese food. Unrepentant B/G 'shipper. Net junkie.

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Welcome to my (Liz's) blog and site collective! Please feel free to check out whatever I'm rambling on about today and leave me a note if you're so inclined... (^_^)

March 16, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!! Yep, I'm... older today, lol. And with a new layout to boot! Oh, sheesh, I didn't even get that pun until I'd already typed it. Please forgive me. But... new layout, at long last! I was worried I might not get it finished in time - gotta jump in the shower in about 30 minutes to get ready to go out tonight. Steven told me we're leaving at 6.15 and that's all I know. Well, except that the plans for after dinner have unfortunately been scrapped, due to crappy weather and his back injury, which he managed to exacerbate by falling down the stairs at work. And right before my birthday, too. How inconsiderate of him! Yes, it's all about me. No, he's okay, really, just not so much up to large partying. But he did give me my present this morning - it's an all day spa visit that includes... well, pretty much everything. Facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, mud bath, you name it... gah, I can't wait!!

Ooh, we got a new, king-sized sleigh bed last week that we absolutely LOVE. So very comfy and snuggly and large enough to sleep in without me punching him in the face. Yes, apparently I'm quite the face-puncher when I start thrashing around. And our pets have all decided that the big bed means room for all, so by morning there's usually 2 cats and a dog curled up with us as well. Too much adorableness. The only downside is that the overwhelming comfy of it all made me miss the last couple days of the latest basho (love that sumo wrestling!), which comes on TV Japan here at, like, 1.30am, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make ;) Ooh, must remember to set TiVo for tonight!

Before I go shower, I opened another 2 fanlistings this week that I'm really happy about: Danielle Rousseau on Lost and Donna Troy, from Wonder Woman & Teen Titans. Many thanks to Jenah for the adorable Birthday e-card! And smooches to her, Humaira, Jamie, Emma, Jaina, Little Willow, & Illusio for visiting! And Illusio, I'm looking forward to hearing the good news!!

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February 23, 2005

Okay, the blogging thing? I think we can all agree that I suck at it. Utterly and completely. Honestly though, I think I might just be a boring person with not a lot to say. Actually, that's not exactly it... I have a bunch of stuff to say, but when I sit down at the keyboard, there's just not much that seems to wanna come out. One thing I do feel like saying, though? A giant thanks to the online casino jackwads who seem to think my comments form is just the most perfect place to spam in the history of ever. What the hell?! Ugh, I'm just so beyond disgusted. Seriously, the classless annoyance can't *possibly* be worth the time some lowlife put into designing the program to do it. Like somebody's really gonna be looking at my comments and go "yeah, that's exactly what I was looking for at Liz's site! Some Blackjack and Viagra!!" I'm already cranky enough about the trash that floods my inbox. The last thing on this earth that I could possibly need is some automated gizmo sending me of 37,000 links to useless crap. Oh, and the one I really loved the most? The comment that was all "My friend told me you had a great site and attractive layout and blahblahblah..." and their URL was like http://viagra-spooge.whatever... Which means somebody took the time to say "Yeah, it's great that we can auto-annoy people, but can't we find a way to be more dishonest about it?" Sheesh.

On a much more positive note, Steven's back continues to heal. It got horribly worse again after holiday travel, to the point that he actually had to have an epidural done, but since then it's been a world of difference. Still nowhere near healthy again - he still has to sleep on the floor, the poor guy, but he's not in constant agony. Which is, sad to say, quite an improvement.

I'm definitely overdue for a new layout here. Getting so very tired of the yellow & green. Most of my recent Photoshop time, though, has been spent on other sites & fanlistings. I've put up new layouts all over the place since my last blog (Locke, Wonder Woman, Katya Derevko...) and I've completely redone Oakpark Street and The Perfect Thing. I've also adopted several of Gail's fanlistings. So I'm now the proud custodian of the Manchild, James and Anthony Stewart Head fanlistings!

Can I just say how much I am *loving* Wednesday nights now?! I so missed having Buffy and Angel together on Tuesdays, and it's awesome to have a "TV Night" again. Already have about a jillion theories and suspicions about Alias so far, but I'm still a couple weeks behind - once again, much love for the Tivo. Gonna try and catch up before tonite's ep, though, so I better get started. And I know it's been so very long since my last entry, but I really wanna thank Humaira, Wes, Kristina, Jenah, Jaina, Kimberly, Shirts, Alisa, Cecile, Little Willow, Mandi, Emma, Zara, Illusio, and Jamie - and not the spamming jackwads - for stopping by (^_^)

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November 6, 2004

Steven & I went to an engagement dinner tonight, which was a lot of fun. Surprised me, since I knew no one there, aside from the engage-y folks. I'm not that good in crowds of strangers, but everybody was really laid back and fun to talk to. Good times :) The party was for our buddy Tony and his fiance' Ruth. Tony actually introduced me to Steven, so he gets lots of credit & hugs. We've both known him for around 10 years or so now, and I lurve that Ruth & I get along great. Always fun when your buddies fall for someone you like too :)

How about the latest goings on on 'Lost'? I'm so very into it! Kinda funny, the last episode, I was thinking, "And the Rock God, in his anger, did cause the avalanche." The 'moth' metaphor was bit heavy for me, but I'm still *loving* this show. Locke is my new obsession - so much so that I've opened the Locke fanlisting! He's just so very enigmatic & disturbingly liberated, what with the walking around and killing stuff ;) Steven watched the first few eps like he wasn't really into it and was just watching to hang out with me, but I can tell he's getting into the intrigue & mystery of it all - muahahaha! At the party tonight, we were talking to a couple of Tony's friends who were all "Who konked Sayid?! What's with the polar bear?!" I'm getting seriously obsessed with this show and in a very good way (^_-)

It's getting to be time to do a new layout @ Fangirl, and I'm seriously thinking about renaming the site. What do you guys think? Like, 'Fangirl' made a lot more sense when it was a BtVS/Fray/Comics combo site, but the name doesn't really have a damn thing to do with BtVS. It's been called that for a long time now, though, so re-naming it might not be the best idea. But I kinda want to change it. Hell, I don't know. Any thoughts there would be really appreciated.

In abrupt-change-of-subject news, aside from the new Locke fanlisting, I've also just opened the new FL for the Buffy Movie and adopted the fanlisting for The Master. And I have a new layout at Giles vs Ethan that I'm pretty happy with too.

Plugs & smooches to Humaira, Jaina, Jenah, Kristina, Mandi, Josh, Little Willow, Lauren-Noelle, Wes, Emma, & Justine for coming by!

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October 12, 2004

I'd like to publicly curse Jenah for getting me hooked on 'Lost' - dangit, I love it!! I've already recommended it to my grandparents too. They're fans of Alias, so I thought they might enjoy. Meanwhile I'm chock full of theories and suspicions, and I'm completely fascinated. And how cool is it of J.J. Abrams, that he can develop two shows that both I and my grandparents can like?! My favourite character on Lost so far is Locke. Jack and Kate are great and all - and I can't wait to see Sun break out all defiant and stuff! Hurley's also a lot of fun. But Locke's just got this whole disturbingly zen thing going on, and I can't wait to find out what his deal is :)

Believe it or not, Steven and I actually watched the rest of S5 of Angel too! I just have so many thoughts about it, though, that I may wait and blog about it later, once I have a little more perspective. Offhand, I'll just say that Harmony's and Lindsey's last scenes were too damn perfect.

Shockingly enough, the Braves folded in the postseason once again. I know Atlanta gets criticized for not being excited enough in the postseason, but honestly... our team's won an unprecedented 13 division titles in a row - that's seriously amazing! But we've seen them come so far, only to fall apart in the playoffs too many times. At this point, I'm cheering for the Red Sox to kick some Yankee ass.

I have one new site up this update. This time it's the Katya Derevko fanlisting. Oh, yeah, we watched S3 of Alias too - and *loved* it!! Gladly, the rumours of diminished Rambaldi influence were greatly exaggerated - and I can't wait until January for more :) I also recently posted a new layout at Tea With Lemon, the fanlisting for Giles' CitroŽn, that I'm really happy with. And I'd like to say Hi and Thanks to Jaina, Jenah, Mandi, Jamie, Little Willow & Natalie for coming by!

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